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I hope this message will be acknowledged by your management because this is the worst experience I ever had. Your customer service sucks and I hope you will do something about it. First and foremost, I bought starmobile muse last July 2014, after few months the right button stopped working but i refuse to return it because it is will be very inconvenient for me for i dont have any spare phones and then a week after, the touchpad stopped working. I don't have a choice so I returned it immediately. I was advised that the repair will cost 6,500 which I can't afford and I bought the phone for 11,000 so I asked for help for their supervisor, the agent named Mina I was talking to is very rude and is not very helpful, I begged, so I was transferred to their supervisor Harley. She wouldnt provide her last name. Anyways, Harley said that there is nothing she could do. That's when I asked for their manager, Gerry Torres. i explained everything to him and begged him that i really cant affor to pay that much. Mr. Torres advised me that he would associate with their technical team and asked me to send an email with regards my concern. I did and the email was sent last Dec 6. A week after, I called for a follow up, but they refuse to transfer me to Mr torres . whenever I asked them for the update, they would say that he is in a meeting, call us back or maybe the email is incorrect. So I sent it again. This time he replied asking for a serial number. I called again and asked to be transferred to him. As I was talking to him which was yesterday, he asked me to send an email again. I was so mad. Because I was just asking for the update, I just want to know what happened and if the phone will be repaired. But Mr.Torres hung up the phone while I am talking, I wish I recorded it. But I did not. I called again this time, I asked my friend to talk to him coz I was really crying that time. Mr Gerry Torres asked for me so we spoke again, I asked him one question very nicely, "what is the update sir?" "What happened with my phone?" But he refused to answer me. He is very rude, he doesn't know how to listen, he talks whenever I try to say something in which we wouldn't understand each other, and the fact that he hang up the phone while I am talking is very unacceptable.

My experience with your customer service is really terrifying. The agents would place you on hold for 5-10 minutes even though you would tell them that you are just on a payphone where in 3min is for 5pesos. They have a lot of excuses whenever you ask them questions, I called countless times for nothing. Even the supervisor Harley is not helping.

I understand the terms and conditions of your company. But the people answering the phone is really rude. Most especially the manager. I hate to say this, pero napakabastos ni Mr. Gerry Torres, naturingang manager Hindu marunong umintindi at makining. Kahit magmakaawa na may gusto kang sabihin patuloy padin siyang dadaldal, sabi KO pa saber kanya, sir please wag niyo naman akong babaan, pero babagsakan ka padin niya. Nakakahiya and nakakalungkot. I will pull out my phone after three months of calling them for the updates, begging, pleading, listening to your music whenever your placed on hold. I did my best to seek for assistance,asked for the supervisor and the manager hoping they would listen to me or would help me pero nagkamali ako. Nakakahiya ang customer service niyo. I can say because I am a call center agent. Nakakalungkot talaga kasi you bought the phone because its cheap and really nice, pero the repair is very expensive. Considering the fact that your market is low class people, you should not charge the people with repairs very expensive.

Word of mouth is very powerful, Facebook, tweeter all social media, I will also send this to DTI because of my experience with Gerry Torres. Hindi siya nararapat sa posisyon niya. Sana mapakinggan niyo yung conversation namin. Napakabastos. They are deleting all my posts on Feb and they even blocked me. Tsk.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why do so many people who post here think this

is the website to get in contact with the business

they have a dispute with?

People you need to contact the company themselves.


Just visit him after work, teach him the pain of all the be customers have to go through.

Makati, Manila, Philippines #939827

I had the same issue last year with my Octa, I filed a complain in DTI. I met mr.

Torres already and he seemed so nice. I think you should do the same.

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